Connecting Workers, Connecting Machines, Connecting Data
“In the Moments that Matter”

Up to 30% profitability boost through digital optimisation

Progility work collaboratively, in partnership with our resource clients, to enable and support complex operations. We provide digital solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and profitably in an economic climate where market volatility, an increasing cost base, and fluctuating global demand is the daily reality.

Studies have shown up to a 50% reduction in planned maintenance costs can be achieved in a smart site

Operational Outcomes

We help you enhance your business and its bottom line through mission-critical communications.

We offer a portfolio of technology and communication enabling solutions that combine simplicity, durability, and ease of use to enhance your operations.

Visualisation and alerts - Increasing productivity and safety, reducing cost

Analytics - Strategic business insights from data

Integrated Automation - Solving critical business issues, improving efficiency, productivity and safety

Maximise Safety, Productivity, and Returns

Enhance Productivity
•Automation to streamline processes and costs•
•Operational analytics for decision making insights•
Integration of IT and OT
•Connecting production operations with enterprise systems•
Workforce Collaboration
•Provide effective and timely communications throughout your entire operations•
•Borderless communications for workers, management and disaster recovery•
Security and Safety
•Connectivity without compromise•
•Compliance and risk reduction•

Resource Solutions

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