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In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, we're faced with increasingly complex challenges in delivering quality patient outcomes while providing a safe, secure and efficient working environment for our care providers.

Progility Healthcare can help by providing outcome focused, tailored solutions to meet your requirements, no matter how complex.

We help you adhere to Australian Standards, automate your workflows, increase staff efficiency, reduce stress and improve the healthcare experience for everyone.

We deliver and maintain critical solutions for the broad range of Healthcare services. We are involved in all aspects of Acute Care through to Residential Care and Home Care.


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Operational and Clinical Outcomes

• Increase patient satisfaction by keeping patients informed, educated and engaged

• Optimise clinical workflows to improve staff productivity and patient outcomes

• Streamline clinical access to strategic HIS & EMR systems

• Simplify device complexity at the bedside

• Improve staff and patient safety

Finding the most suitable option for your care needs
Providing guidance and creating life enhancing opportunities

Integrate Technologies That Benefit Your Entire Enterprise

Point of Care
•Improve quality of care and clinical outcomes•
•Creating customer and patient value•
Enhance Productivity
•Automation to streamline processes and costs•
•Better workflows improving care delivery•
Increased Collaboration
•Provide effective, timely communications, and intelligence at all touch points•
Security and Safety
•Connectivity without compromise•
•Compliance and risk reduction•

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