Circuit makes your Teamwork better

Circuit is everything our teams need to communicate in a single app. The single app brings you a whole new level of communication and collaboration.

One tool with one view

Circuit is one app. One virtual meeting space with all the capabilities you need to communicate with your teams.

Social collaboration

Create online communities and promote cooperation, interaction, opinion and idea sharing.                                                                      

Natural user experience

Use voice, video, or chat. Circuit’s simplicity lets you collaborate as naturally when you’re apart as when you’re together.

Powerful and contextual search

With Circuit, all content is easy to find. Search and filter by search terms and people and find what you need within seconds.

Content storage and history

Stay organized with instantaneous access to files and information shared over time. Everything stays within context. Keep all your relevant content together.

Use any device

Enjoy the same experience from any device. Access your conversations, communities, and documents —from Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser, iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM

Circuit Features include:

  • Circuit support Google Chrome and other WebRTC–enabled browsers.
  • In addition to desktops, users will be supported on several mobile platforms, with apps for Apple devices in the initial release and Android apps following quickly after.
  • Seamless High Definition audio/video, 1:1, and group conversations
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing
  • Rich, textual messaging
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Search across persistent conversations, people and files
  • Cross-device access to all messages, files, and real-time communication and collaboration capabilities (video, voice and screen sharing)
  • Contact integration for LinkedIn and Outlook
  • An outstanding and guided user experience ensuring fast and simple ramp-up

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