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The common thread that ties together the industries we serve is that the resource assets (mining or oil & gas), logistics (rail, air, seaports) coupled with the human resources required to undertake the projects are never, or rarely, located conveniently together in a technical developed geographical region.

With little, to no telecommunications in most of the emerging resource rich areas of the world, last mile connectivity is one of the biggest hurdles that our customers face today.

In technically developed areas, analogue legacy technologies and non-synchronised, or incorrectly designed, digital solutions have created crowded frequency regions, which represents barriers and limitations, hampering productivity and creating safety concerns.

Minerals & Energy Technologies enables the whole spectrum of last mile connectivity solutions as well as a cost effective migration from analogue to digital infrastructure, which in many cases circumvents existing legacy options such as expensive satellite communications or the construction of costly telecom towers.

The net outcome of innovative digital radio/telemetry systems communications solutions such as Tetra and APCO P25 technology standards are a justifiable CapEx couple with true ownership of your voice, data, video and machine-2-machine communications infrastructure, yielding low OpEx.

Minerals & Energy Technologies is based on 15 years of excellence within the radio communications & technology integration market in the Australian pacific region. We are fortunate to attract and retain some of the worlds leading communication engineers who are directly involved in the design and management of our different solutions.

It is Minerals & Energy Technologies’ goal to continue to grow in new markets, leveraging our current 4,000 strong client base and case experiences to attract and retain the best-of-breed talent.

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