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Progility provides ICT management consulting services focusing on operational improvement and full suite of IT implementation and support services. We recognise many disciplines at work in the transformation of data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into insight and foresight and analysis into solutions and confident decision making. This means strategy for longer term goals and tactics for smart working.

  • Located in London, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Consulting, organisational improvement and project services
  • UK focus is on contact centers, corporate technology infrastructure and associated operational change
  • Australian focus on technology infrastructure, service, supply chain management and project services
  • Track record in telecommunications, financial services, mining, retail, internet, transport, utilities and outsourcing  

Progility recognise these discrete communities of practice, and have clients and talent pools aligned with them:


Analysts and consultants in mergers and acquisitions, corporate development with policy, leadership and innovation. This group consists of specialists working at board level (or equivalent), or as practitioners within in consulting firms, specialising in strategy, development and implementation. These provide the due diligence and advice behind the uptake of new ideas and new partnerships. Skills combine research with financial analysis, technology assessment, and macro-economic analyses.

Competitive & Market Intelligence

CI practitioners, sales/market analysts, technical and commercial due diligence experts, Research & Development (R&D) monitoring. This group typically focus on sales and commercial support for acquisition, products and services and innovation and the development of new channels to market. 

Client & Customer Insight

Management information specialists; operational research, performance analysis and primary research with thought leadership. This group has a focus on trends and customer behaviour, benchmarking, market sizing and the pace of change. Here skills combine hard data with anecdotal evidence to be able to interpret market movements and shifts in the motivation and procurement patterns of clients. 

Progility supplies practitioners to organisations, to research agencies and content providers. Progility has a robust and refined process for understanding clients’ needs in the knowledge and information management space, the criteria are:

Information Architecture

  • Intranet information architecture health check, architecture design and development
  • Information architecture coaching and mentoring 
  • SharePoint information architecture health check, migration and management
  • Scoping study to define intranet requirements

Records Management

  • Records management health check and Freedom of Information and the Data Protection Acts 2.0

Knowledge & Information Management

  • Knowledge capture and transfer
  • Knowledge and information management (KIM) health check
  • Knowledge and information auditing
  • Information asset register

Over the past 5 years the consulting division has implemented some of the largest corporate and telecommunications networks to the Global Top 100 companies, delivering desktop and application architectures and large scale data centre operations. 

Specialising in project assurance, design and delivery services, Progility has established an enviable reputation for leading major IT/transformation projects across multiple sectors worldwide.

Assignments within the communications sector included the design, management and delivery of EE’s Genesys intelligent routing platform across Europe. Having worked with EE for over 15 years, we have gained the skills and experience to deploy 9,500 Genesys based contact centre which is one of the largest SIP based deployments in the world. The involvement with this project also extends to the selection of the network delivery and off-shore deliveries. Other major Genesys deployments have been completed for Du Telecom in the UAE, Meteor in Ireland, O2 in Germany and Vodafone in both Ireland (2011/12) and Germany (2007-2011).  

Assignments within the finance sector included the design, supplier selection and management of the delivery of the largest Avaya centrally provided (cloud based) platform in Europe for Direct Line Group along with a new LAN/WAN and desktop infrastructure, providing service for 8,000 front office agents and 5,500 back office IPT staff across multiple locations, supporting 25 million customers across their portfolio of insurances products/services. It utilises all of the latest Avaya components plus a significant number of Progility designed applications including an extremely robust dynamic routing database, admin application for central control, agent scheduler, companion app and CTI delivery. 

Progility has considerable experience as authors of both user and technical requirements/specifications; preparation of detailed ITT’s/RFI’s/RFP’s and the end-to-end management of the supplier identification.  Progility invest an extensive amount of time to understand true vendor capabilities in areas such as the latest  IP based telephony solutions, mobile telephony, Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN) and data centre replacement. One of our areas of key expertise centres on IP telephony transformation including, Voice over IP (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), IP convergence, contact centre deliveries, telephony virtualisation, single number services, and management reporting. We work with key stakeholders to capture business requirements and specifications. 

Progility produced a tailored RFP/ITT designed to ensure the customer secures first and foremost a service/solution that is flexible, scalable, innovative, robust and over the whole lifetime of the contract value for money. The information produced through this exercise will be fully documented and then replayed back for internal approval and sign off. The business and technology requirements will be consolidated to a single document which will be utilised within the RFP/ITT delivery. 

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