Location Based Services

Real time asset and personnel location information is fast becoming the standard within industry. Progility clients are leveraging the benefits of tracking to improve health and safety, emergency response, accountability and productivity. Progility offers a range of products which can be tailored to the clients’ environment and tracking needs, for example facilities management in shopping centre environments.

  • Progility is working with some of the major cleaning and security companies to provide:
  • Time stamped location reporting services
  • Escalation capability
  • Exception incident reporting
  • Asset tracking 
  • Digital voice communications (including voice recording)
  • Emergency management 

Progility’s Facilities Management System (FMS) provides peace of mind reporting that covers contract KPI 
obligations and helps reduce the ever increasing public liability concerns. 

Asset & Personnel Tracking

Traditional asset tracking systems utilise GPS location information and can be integrated with existing digital radio or Wi-Fi systems or implemented with dedicated communications infrastructure. More recent advances in indoor tracking technology mean that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID based solutions compliment GPS to provide both “fill in” and stand-alone services where GPS service is degraded or not available. Progility specialise in turnkey solutions for asset tracking, providing expertise through the life cycle of the project from design through to implementation and post project fleet maintenance and support.

Location Based Services in GPS Denied Enviroments

Utilising an aggressive research and development program combined with strategic technology partnerships, Progility has developed a unique offering for location tracking and proximity awareness of vehicles and personnel in GPS denied environments such as those commonly found in underground mining and associated industries. Our market leading CA-TAP positioning system takes accuracy to a new level providing better than 1m accuracy (typically ~20cm) to 3rd party production systems via an API. Cutting edge algorithms combined with best of breed technology minimise fixed infrastructure resulting in reduced capital and implementation costs.  CA-TAP HD is also available for solutions which require high levels of accuracy (~55mm) such as machine automation and robotics.

Underground Mining Proximity Detection

The underground mining proximity detection system has the ability to obtain distance between two points through rock for hard-rock mining applications. Dynamic zones for speed-sensitive applications, GPIO and CanBUS options for integration with X, Y positioning are just the beginning of the feature set. The system allows the creation of custom alerting, warning, alarm, and stop zones around mobile equipment. The system is designed for use on personnel and mobile equipment such as mobile haulage, continuous miners, and other light and heavy vehicles. The system can also be integrated with CA-TAP to provide geographically based zones and geotagged proximity alerting.

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