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Whilst Progility Consulting provides people and advice to assist organisation to operate under guidelines and frameworks such as ITIL, Cobit, ISO 20000, PrinceII P3M3 we are pragmatists. Additionally we don’t reinvent what works.

Suppose a customer of Progility has a very well managed IT shop or Shared Service organisation that we have helped them with. At Progility we will share that with you, we will share our success with you. At many of our customer organisations we have introduced them to their peers in other customer organisations who have gone on a similar journey.

We believe a good service management consulting organisation should find ways to improve its own services. We too look at ways to optimise the way we deliver ITSM services through continually testing and improving our methods. This gets passed on to you in the way of :

  • Readily available process and procedure guidelines that can be retrofitted quickly into you organisation
  • Access to analysis of the major tool vendor offerings – we will tell you what works and what doesn’t
  • Service chain definitions, reusable business and technical service catalogues
  • People role definitions including how job descriptions can be augmented to adapt or adopt ITSM better practices
  • Transformation roadmaps that work
  • Change plans that bring the organisation along for the journey – and how we successfully do that and gain the buy in needed for success
  • Operating models and organisational designs that work in federated IT shops, Corporate Shared Services, Stand-alone IT shops, outsourced providers, Cloud Service Providers and Service Brokers

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