Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Transformation Services

Progility understands the dilemma facing organisations today. How do you take advantage of the operating models and enhanced service attributes of cloud services whilst maintaining the Business as Usual services before and after transition.

We believe that understanding the service standards that must be in place will set you aside from your peers and competitors. In turn having an operating model that insists that these service standards are met by cloud service providers but can also be adapted by internal or other outsourced service providers.

We can help you drive out the true cost to serve of Cloud services whilst applying the financial models to your internal service delivery cost models. We can show you how to manage the financial benefits of hybrid service models whilst providing contestable parameters that cloud service providers can be held accountable against.

  • Service Diagnostic
    Establish a common understanding of your business processes and the potential to develop business service definitions and benchmark opportunity comparisons
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
    Is your organisation ready to adapt to the promise of cloud computing, able to integrate the operating model, able to provide procurement and sourcing models to acquire the services, able to integrate the cross border support requirements from a service management perspective. What organisational change management needs will be essential for this to succeed.
  • Cloud Transformation Strategy And Roadmap
    Developing the direction for your organisation from a strategic perspective should tell you what model to employ, what business is suitable to be managed this way and how will it integrate with your legacy and business as usual assets and solutions. Now that we know where you are going, we develop a detailed step by step roadmap with interdependencies and key milestones so that the journey is not full of surprises, wrong turns or dead ends. Being half way down a journey to the cloud is a high risk as the legacy remains beyond its lifecycle. Legacy rundown is just as important as Cloud adoption and requires careful balancing of Capital and Operational expenditure.

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