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Progility is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting edge electrical safety equipment through to clinical infrastructure installation whilst providing consumable devices for medical facilities, trusted by hospitals for over 40 years. 

Fully integrated solutions product range has grown to include: 

Clinical lighting, pendants, operating theatres control panels, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), PACS viewing stations, ultra clean ventilation, audio visual solutions, battery backup systems, operating tables, transfer trolleys, MRI, RF, CT & X-Ray shielding, SCP clocks and a range of consumables.

Progility provides and fit a complete package of integrated operating theatre and critical care equipment. Seamless communication between products, as well as offering the most comprehensive post-installation service provision and warranty is what makes it stand out from the competition. Clients only need to deal with one specialist, experienced supplier, saving time and money and ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently.The company also has strategic relationships with other key market leaders in the field, so when it is necessary to out-source elements of a project, it is always able to use established partners.  

Progility provides only the most advanced medical equipment and technology, and is proud of its position at the 
forefront of operating theatres and critical care area design.


We have an emergency 24/7 telephone support service with on-site senior technical managers available to attend to your enquiry.

3D Visualisation

We have created an extensive library of 3D models primarily designed for architects and facility planners. These models allow virtual medical rooms to be populated with realistic medical infrastructure.

3D model portfolio includes:

  • Medical service pendant configurations
  • Operating light configurations
  • PACS
  • Operating  theatre control panels, IPS, UPS and earthing equipment
  • Illuminated warning signs
  • The models are readily available in .SLDPRT/.SLDASM, .STEP and .IGS formats


Included within this package is the ability to supply, deliver, position, install/cable, and test. Progility will supply our own on-site staff with all of the appropriate safety training and competencies required to successfully and easily install equipment. Highly trained engineers are qualified to 17th Edition of BS7671: C&G 2382 and C&G 2392.

Installations and supply of new equipment to hospitals throughout the UK and the rest of the world are largely conducted during the construction stage with the end user not always aware how to operate and troubleshoot any problems. 

As a result of this, Progility offers training sessions to members of staff within the hospital who operate these systems and may need to understand what various alarms signify and how they should be managed.

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