Progility are holding a free Network Security Workshop on Industrial Control, Automation and Mission Critical Networks

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Industrial Control, Automation and Mission Critical Networks are being targeted for cyber-attacks, are you really protected?

Cyber-crime is a $445 billion dollar industry and growing very quickly! Attackers with increasing capabilities have strong financial motivation to go after critical infrastructure and manufacturing firms with targeted malware attacks using exploits, hacking and ransomware.

Can your business afford to be taken offline or held at ransom?

Progility Technologies in partnership with Belden (Hirschmann/Tofino Security) are hosting a half day workshop for management and a full day for engineers on Industrial Control, Automation and Mission Critical Networks, network security.

IACS Security for Managers and Engineers (1st half of the day)

Are you in a management position? Are you now responsible for control, automation, manufacturing or mission critical networks? Or are you responsible for the day to day operations for these types of networks?

Do you know if you comply with the relevant ICS Security standards? So in the event of an “Attack” you can show you have exercised due diligence?

If your Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) networks got compromised through various means of cyber-attacks internal, external or accidental, would you still have a career?

Come along to the first half of our 1 day security workshop where we cover the key topics, concerns and standards that management and engineers alike should not only be aware of, but actively pursuing to ensure the availability and security of your network, data and systems.

Take away these key concepts and standards, check them against your current industrial security policies, and make sure you’re protected before it’s too late.

Common Topics Addressed:

  • What are the latest security trends and statistics?
  • What security standards should I be adopting?
  • Are IACS networks really vulnerable to attacks?
  • What are the real world root causes / threat vectors of these attacks?
  • How can I create a layered defence in-depth strategy?
  • Can I just use standard office IT security policies to protect the network?
  • Real world threat vectors in industrial environments – intentional vs accidental
  • Security as a lifecycle

Who should attend?

  • Plant Managers
  • IT Managers
  • IS Managers
  • Network Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • Anyone who will end up with their reputation/career seriously damaged if their environment got compromised.

Register for the morning session IACS Security for Managers and Engineers here:

IACS Security for Control and Network Engineers (2nd half of day)

This where we take the principals and standards and potential threats from the last session and we deep dive into security features and protocols, learn about deep packet inspection for industrial protocols. We will demonstrate some attacks and vulnerability exploits in networks and industrial infrastructure like PLC’s.

Topics Covered/Demonstrated

  • Typical wired network attacks / threats
  • Typical wireless network attacks / threats
  • Creating a layered defence in depth approach with firewalls, network segregation, ACLs and deep packet inspection
  • Demonstrate some wired network attacks like Denial of Service (DoS), ARP spoofing, etc
  • Attacking a PLC via a USB threat vector
  • Demonstrate wireless attacks like Auth/Deauth attacks, Denial of Service (DoS), password sniffing, etc

Who should attend?

  • Network Engineers
  • Control Engineers

Register for the Full IACS Security workshop here:


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