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Progility Ltd, trading as Progility Technologies, is a systems integrator and professional services provider supplying critical communications solutions.

It provides consulting services, training services, unified communications services, fixed and wireless communications services and real time locations services to medium and large enterprises in targeted industries - healthcare, retail, mining, facilities management, utilities, government and general commercial.  Progility Technologies solutions are developed using best of breed technology and, where appropriate technology has not been available, it has developed its own intellectual property to complete the customer solution.

Progility Technologies has over 20 years' experience in providing critical communications solutions to more than 5,000 Australian and international clients.  It has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Castlemaine and the Latrobe Valley.

Progility Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Progility Limited.

About Progility

Progility is based in London with offices in the UK (12 locations), Australia (7 locations), India (17 locations) and United Arab Emirates.

Progility is a market leading project management services business offering consulting, recruitment, training and IT, communications systems, integration services and healthcare excellence to customers on a global basis.  Incorporated in 2012, Progility was founded upon UK and Australian based businesses that provided services to consumer and enterprise customers for more than 20 years.

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